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Information Polity, Volume 10, Number 3-4 / 2005  

Special Issue:
The World Wide Web and the 2004 European Parliament Election
Guest editors: Wainer Lusoli and Nicholas W. Jankowski

The Internet and the European Parliament elections: Theoretical perspectives, empirical investigations and proposals for research
Wainer Lusoli

The Web and the 2004 EP election: Comparing political actor Web sites in 11 EU Member States
Nicholas W. Jankowski, Kirsten Foot, Randy Kluver, et al.

"Off-line": The 2004 European parliamentary elections on television news in the enlarged Euro
Claes H. de Vreese, Susan Banducci, Holli A. Semetko, et al.

The 2004 European parliament election on the web: Finnish actor strategies and voter responses
Tom Carlson and Kim Strandberg

Framing Europe online: French political parties and the European election of 2004
Renče van Os

Internet and elections: Changing political strategies and citizen tactics in Hungary
Endre Dányi and Anna Galácz

An opportunity for engagement in cyberspace: Political youth Web sites during the 2004 European Parliament election campaign
Janelle Ward

A second-order medium? The Internet as a source of electoral information in 25 European countries
Wainer Lusoli

Book Reviews

Information and American Democracy, by Bruce Bimber.
Carlo Hagemann

Democracy and New Media, by Henry Jenkins and David Thorburn.
Wainer Lusoli