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Updated: 25 June 2012



Participant: ePractice workshop: Public Services 2.0, 16 November 2010, Brussels

Invited expert: Stakeholder consultation - Privacy, open source information & border security, 23 September 2010, The Hague

Invited expert: RAND Europe Workshop The Cloud: understanding the Security, Privacy and Trust Aspects, 10 September 2010, Brussels

Invited participant: SPOCS 2nd Industry Workshop, 15 June 2010, Brussels

Scientific Committee: Third Workshop on Identity in the Information Society (IDIS 10), 26-28 May 2010, Rome

Organiser: eID Survey Expert Workshop organised by EC JRC IPTS, 15-16April 2010, Seville

Presenter: 25th European Communication Policy Research Conference, 28-30 March 2010 Brussels

Presenter: Cost298 Final Conference, 15 March 2010, Seville

Thought Leader Keynote Speech: Gartner IAM Summit 2010, 3-4 March 2010, London

Invited speaker: Computer, Data Protection and Privacy Conference, 29-30 January 2010, Brussels

Keynote Speaker and Panellist: PrimeLife / IFIP Summer School, 7-11 September 2009, Nice

Discussant: Second Multidisciplinary Workshop on Identity in the Information Society (IDIS 09) , 5 June 2009, London

Organiser and presenter: Expert Workshop on Regulatory and legal aspects of electronic identity, 15 May 2009, Brussels

Invited speaker: International Seminar eDemocracy 2.0, organised by Regione Emilia-Romagna and Pep-Net, 8 April 2009, Bologna

Invited panellist: Roundtable - Online Data Collection, Targeting and Profiling for Commercial Purposes in Online Environments organised by DG SANCO, 31 March 2009, Brussels

Invited talk: eDemocracy e cittadinanza (eDemocracy and citizenship) organised by FONDACA, 20 March 2009, Città dell'altra Economia, Rome

Presenter: Joint COST298 - IPTS IS unit workshop 'Participation in the broadband society', 16 February 2009, Seville

Organiser: Expert Workshop on the Economics of eIdentity: Framing the issue organised by EC JRC IPTS, 2 February 2009, Seville

Participant: International Conference on Computer, Privacy & Data Protection: ‘Data Protection in a profiled world’, 16-17 January 2009, Brussels

Invited panellist: 2nd Workshop "Privacy and Trust in the Ubiquitous Information Society" organised by DG Information Society and the Media, 17 November 2008, Brussels

Invited participant: STORK Workshop, Electronic Identity: easy access to public services across the EU organised by STORK, 8th October 2008, Madrid

Participant: Expert Workshopon Socio-Economic and Legal Aspects of Search Engines, 29-30 September 2008, organised by EC JRC IPTS, 22 February 2008, Sevilla

Invited participant: Think-Trust Workshop organised by Think-Trust on behalf of DG Information Society and the Media, 9-10 September 2008, Paris

Presenter : First International Workshop on Identity in the Information Society, 28-30 May 2008, Arona, Italy

Organiser: Expert Workshop on the Methodology for Conducting a Survey on needs and requirements on future electronic identification (eID) services, organised by EC JRC IPTS, 17-18 April 2008, Seville

Participant: Expert Workshop on the Socio-Economic Impact of Social Computing (SC): validation and policy options workshop, organised by EC JRC IPTS, 26-27 February 2008, Sevilla

Organiser: Charting the legal aspects of eID: current regulatory framework and pitfalls, organised by EC JRC IPTS, 22 February 2008, Sevilla

Invited paper: OII Digital Parliaments Workshop, 14-15 June 2007, University of Oxford
powerpoint presentation
download paper

Presenter: ICA Conference 2007, 24-28 May 2007, San Francisco
powerpoint presentation
download paper

Invited panelist: Book launch of The Internet & Politics: assessing the claims and reviewing the evidence, 14 May 2007, Stanhope Centre, City University, London

Invited lecture: Seminar La Comunicazione della politica, 16 April 2007, IULM Milan
powerpoint presentation [in italian]

Invited expert: Expert Workshop on Future scenarios of Government in 2020 and emerging ICT research challenges, 13-14 November 2006, JRC IPTS Seville

Speaker: Symposium - The Social Impact of Nanotechnology, 31 July - 4 August 2006, Australian National University
powerpoint presentation

Speaker: Italian Elections Conference. An analysis of election results and their systemic consequences, 15-16 June 2006, University of Pisa
powerpoint presentation: the realignment of the Italian media system at the 2006 general election [english / italian]

Presenter: Strumenti della democrazia Conference 25 November, University of Bologna
download paper: e-democracy [italian]

Speaker: Conference - Poverty: malaise of development?, 21-23 November, Chester
download powerpoint presentation: new media and poverty relief

Panel co-chair : e-Democracy '05 Conference, November, London
download powerpoint introduction
download powerpoint presentation

Invited expert: Parties and and Election Campaigning Online - International Workshop, 20-21 October, Oxford
download programme

Invited panellist: Re:activism Conference, October, Budapest – (New media and elections)

Departmental Talk: University of Chester Open day, October 2005, Chester
download powerpoint presentation

Presenter:3rd ECPR Annual Conference, 8 - 11 September 2005, Budapest
download paper

Co-presenter: Spinning the Web Report launch event, June, London
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Delegate:First International Conference on e-Social Science, 24-25 June, Manchester

Invited presentation: Department of Politics seminar, 17 April 2005, Glasgow University
download powerpoint presentation (short notes)

Presentation: Political Studies Association 2005 Conference, 5-7 April 2005, Leeds
download powerpoint presentation
download paper

Presentation: MMU Politics Research Seminar 9 March 2005, Manchester
download powerpoint presentation

Presentation: London School of Economics MC500 Seminar, 3 March 2005, London
download powerpoint presentation
download paper

Delegate: National Centre for e-Social Science Workshop, 19 November 2004, Manchester

Presenter: e-Society 2004 Conference, 11-12 November 2004, London
download powerpoint presentation (short notes)

Chair, Presenter: Association of Internet Researchers 2004 Conference, 19-22 September 2004, University of Sussex
download paper

Presenter: American Political Science Association 2004 Annual Conference, 31 August – 4 September 2004, Chicago
download paper

Invited lecture: Seminar @ Victoria Parliament, August 2004, Melbourne

Seminar presentation: Australian National University ACSR Seminar, July 2004
download powerpoint presentation

Invited lecture: Workshop @ Queensland Parliament, July 14 2004, Brisbane
download powerpoint presentation

Delegate: e-Society 2004 Workshop, April 29 2004, Loughborough
download presentation (delivered by Stephen Ward)

Presenter and discussant: Political Studies Association 2004 Conference, 6-8 April 2004, Lincoln
download paper

Workshop: Internet and Elections 2004, Singapore March - Delegate

Conference: Democracy & Participation Conference 2003, London, September - Presenter
download powerpoint presentation (jointly delivered with Rachel Gibson)

Presenter and discussant: American Political Science Association 2003 Annual Conference, 28-31 August 2003, Philadelphia
download paper

Presenter and discussant: European Consortium for Political Research 2003 Joint Sessions, 28 March-3 April 2003, Edinburgh
download paper

Co-organiser, member of the Scientific Committee: EMTEL High Level Scientific Conference, April 23-26 2003, London
conference programme and papers

Presenter: American Political Science Association 2002 Annual Conference, Boston, August
download paper

Presenter: EURICOM 2002 Conference, October 2002

Presenter: Political Studies Association 2002 Conference, 4-7 April 2002, Aberdeen
download paper

Presenter: PSA/BSA Media Groups' Conference on Media and Democracy, September 2001, Loughborough

Presenter: British Film Institute Biannual Conference 2001, July 2001, London